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Needs a lot work

Needs a lot of work on EQ, mastering, etc.


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Pretty good overall

Pretty good for a first track. Better than mine (Just about all of the tracks on my account are ones I made when I was, like, 10, but only uploaded just recently. Was that even correct grammar?). It took me a second to realize that the track was looping. Heh. Stupid me. Anyways, you seem to have learned FL Studio a lot faster than most people do. A lot of people download it, thinking it's ACID or something that you can just re-arrange audio files with. I made the mistake of uploading some songs like that. Again, they were my old ones. I use synths and crap now. But yeah, good job, I guess. Keep the songs coming.

dj-xtatic-addict responds:

Thanks, I appreciate it. FL 5 is the only program I've ever used. When I first got it, I was like... wtf?! too many buttons!! But, I finally took the time to read a tutorial, just enough to learn how to make it record the sounds... I got impatient with all the big words I didn't understand (reverb, synth...etc...still don't understand em lol) and i FINALLY figured out how to change the lengths of the sounds! (I'm a dumbass, I know...) But, this is a BIG step for me, as I can do a lot more now. But... they still have a simple sound to 'em, until I figure out reverbs and such.

Thanks for the review!

~Xtatic Addict

htf6tu htf6tu

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o_0 My ears!

What the hell was that?! That almost imploded by effing head. Good thing you're other songs were MUCH better. I will give you 10 for originality, though.

dj-xtatic-addict responds:

*geeking out*
I like your honesty. I dont know what i was thinking with that one.

sesame street remixed sesame street remixed

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Way too simple

The song is way too simple. There's not enough melodies. Also, you might want to get rid of that annoying voice at the beginning of the song. When I first started using FL Studio (I'm not sure if that's what you're using, but judging by the sound of the voice you are) I used those all the time in my songs, and I have no fucking idea why the hell I did. They're annoying. Overall, the basic idea of the song is okay, it just needs to be beefed up a bit.

dj-xtatic-addict responds:

My knowledge with the program (Fruity Loops 5) is VERY limited. I STILL don't know how to edit how long a note is held, so I can only use the sounds that hold for a short time, thus limiting how much "hit" sounds I can add to the program; as oppose to "hold" sounds, like a whole note versus a quarter note. Or ambient sounds, for that matter.

I followed a tutorial up until I learned how to add sounds and edit the playlist. Then, I got too excited at my newfound discovery and started toying aroung with the program :)

I know EXACTLY what you mean by the basicness, and needing to be "beefed up". These are nowhere near finished results for my tracks, but as far as I am capable of doing, this is as good as they will get...for now. I do plan to go back and add to all my tracks once I learn more.

Thank you for the constructive criticism.

The great escape The great escape

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Awesome song

This song is great. I'm very particular about which artists I listen to on the Newgrounds Audio Portal, but you've quickly become one of them! Congrats on a good song. Hope you keep them coming for a long time.

Redse7en responds:

I very much appreciate this compliment. I enjoy to make a few heads turn when they hear what I have to offer. I actually was checking out the audio part of newgrounds for about a year and a told myself that they have very little thats like my stuff, and how I'd love to one day put my songs on here. Well here I am! Im also interested if you all put these songs on your mp3 players! That would make me feel great.

Songs of War and Triumph Songs of War and Triumph

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Good song

Sorry about the poor grammar I used in my review for "Drunken Poker Part (Revised)". It seems that my ability to speak the English language deserted me. Anyways, this is a very good song. Like I said, I think that "lesser known" artists such as yourself deserve a lot more attention than they get. Sorry. I'm getting off topic again, and this review is starting to get longer than it needs to be. Basically what I'm trying to say is this song is awesome: A lot of originality, and the clarity is amazing. Keep up the good work!

Drunken Poker Party (Revised) Drunken Poker Party (Revised)

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Nice song

I think that "lesser known" artists (As opposed to the "better known" artists, i.e. Saint_Isaiah, Dimrain47, ParagonX9) such as yourself deserve a lot more attention than they do. Especially ones good as you! Keep up the good work!

Confines of a Memory (Abbv.) Confines of a Memory (Abbv.)

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Not as good as your others

But I still liked it. You've changed the style of your songs. I look your original style better =(

Dimrain47 responds:

I know, you're a hardcore guy. Dont worry, mores coming, but I have to understand my full potential first.

Through the Gates (Abbv.) Through the Gates (Abbv.)

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Wow! You have a CD coming out? Will it be released under the name "Dimrain47"? Or will it be something else? Anyways, awesome song, as usual. BurningNaCl is right, there is a cult that worships you, and rightfully so! Keep it up!

Dimrain47 responds:

I dont know the details yet. Dont worry, Ill let everone know when the release date/info comes closer.

Hardcore Laser Hardcore Laser

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Pretty good

This is a pretty good song. You were right, though, it is a tad repetitive. BTW, that is a creepy-ass picture that you have in your profile.

Albino-Donkey responds:

Thanks, glad you liked it. And yeah, I made that picture a long time ago and completely forgot it was there!